Two Hispanics arrested in Florida when they were going to travel to Cuba to bring immigrants

Both Castillo and Rodríguez admitted their crimes.

Photo: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office / EFE

Two Hispanics were arrested in the Florida Keys after one of them tried to travel to Cuba in order to look for people who intended to migrate to the US by seainformed the authorities.

The detainees were identified by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office as Victor Manuel Rios Castillo, 29, who is a resident of Palm Beach, and Jorge Luis Fernandez Rodriguez, 53, of Tampa.

Castillo was charged with attempted human smuggling., while Rodríguez was accused of illegally transporting fuel. Both admitted to being responsible for the accusations.

Monroe authorities received information Monday of a truck carrying a trailer and a boat blocking traffic on the Marathon Key road. Agents pinned the truck and trailer to the nearby boat ramp.

After being interrogated, Castillo admitted his intention to go to Cuba to carry out human smuggling. Meanwhile, Rodríguez acknowledged that he knew about the fuel drums on the boat he was towing.

On the edge of the boat were three 55-gallon fuel well as a fuel transfer pump, a satellite phone, a GPS with a route to Cuba, and a large supply of water and soft drinks, as well as numerous life jackets.

“Smuggling attempt averted! Excellent work and coordination between agencies”Walter N. Slosar, head of the Border Patrol in the southern sector of Florida, wrote on Twitter.

“Smugglers often overload these boats with migrants and excess fuel, putting anyone on board at serious risk while at sea,” Slosar added.

From the beginning of the fiscal year in October 2021, more than 177,000 Cubans have arrived by land in the United Statesand more than 5,000 by sea in a new migratory wave from the Antillean country to US territory, which has already surpassed the “Exodus of Mariel” in 1980.

With information from EFE agency

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