Two less stars: Chicharito and Vela will not play in the MLS All-Star Game due to injury

The Major League Soccer All-Star Game (MLS) will be incomplete due to the notable absences of Javier “Chicharito” Hernández and Carlos candle, Who they were ruled out due to injury.

The MLS reported that LAFC and LA Galaxy forwards they would be out of all the events that are scheduled at the All-Star Game.

For more than a month, Chicharito has faced a right leg injury that has not allowed him to add minutes with his club.

Although you are doing training work separately, Until now it is not known when he will return to ownership in LA Galaxy.

Chicharito’s performance before his injury was more than optimal, since he reached 10 goals in 10 games, achievement that led him to be leading scorer, as well as being the player of the week.

In the case of Carlos Vela, two days ago suffered a discomfort in the right quadriceps, which led him to abandon the meeting between LAFC and the Seattle Sounders.

Due to the injury, it is estimated that he will be out of any physical activity for a period of two weeks, which shows that he did not participate in the All-Star Game.

It is unknown if both players are equally will be affected by the “Zlatan” rule, which penalizes the absence of the event with a suspension game.

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