Two men stabbed, a teen with a gunshot wound and one killed in Colorado shooting

Commerce City police were dealing with another problem when they heard a series of gunshots that forced them to look for where they came from. Officers arrived at 11200 Florence Street and saw several people ran out of a house to take refuge from the shooting.

A group of friends was at a party on Friday night, until a problem broke out between some guests. When all the people left the home, most of whom were minors, the police entered to search for victims.

Two young people had stab wounds and found a minor with a bullet. The three were taken to a hospital to be treated and not put their lives at risk.

The authorities are investigating who was carrying weapons at a party and the reasons they bordered on attacking the victims. So far there have been no detainees nor has there been any complaint filed at the police station’s office.

Shortly after attending to the three victims of the party, the police received another emergency call also in Commerce City, for a new shooting that occurred at 6900 East 74 Avenue.

Upon arrival, the authorities saw a man with a gunshot wound lying on the street, who was pronounced dead at the crime scene. There were also no arrests related to the man’s murder.

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