Two missing after Heliservicio helicopter incident off Campeche coast near Ciudad del Carmen

Heliservicio initiated an investigation to determine what caused the crash. Two boats are searching to rescue the two missing people.

This Tuesday morning, June 21st, through social networks, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) informed that a helicopter belonging to the company Heliservicio S.A de C.V., which was rendering services to the Mexican company, crashed 10 nautical miles from Ciudad del Carmen, in the Sonda de Campeche—the pilot and co-pilot in the aircraft, and they are missing.

Authorities are already working with the company to determine the causes of this Wednesday’s aerial incident.

Heliservicio told El Financiero that it has no record of an aircraft explosion in which only two people were traveling, the helicopter pilot and the co-pilot, who has not yet been found.

Separately, another source told this newspaper that the pilot and co-pilot did not survive.

Although Heliservicio is a company that operates for Pemex, Pemex does not own the aircraft but Petroleum Helicopter.

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“The company is currently collaborating with the authorities to carry out the rescue efforts. The company and the aircraft manufacturer will work with the aeronautical authorities to conduct the corresponding investigations and determine the causes that caused this incident,” said the company in a document published after the aerial incident.

In a statement, Pemex indicated that two boats were sent to search and rescue two people who were on the trip.

“The institution initiated the investigation procedure following the incident in order to determine what caused this emergency,” it said.