Two people shot inside their car while driving on the highway

This morning it was reported that two men that circulated in the Mexico-Queretaro highwayThey were attacked with firearms on several occasions.

Until now The whereabouts of the attackers are unknown.s who you they took the life of the co-pilot and left the driver injured.

We must remember that as we share with you in AmericanPost.News, during the past year a serious accident was reported on the Mexico-Querétaro highway that generated chaos in road traffic.

Two people shot inside their car

The scene occurred at the height of Perinorte in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli. No road is exempt from any risk

This morning the emergency numbers were notified, which two people what they were driving in their vehicle on the Mexico-Querétaro highwaythey were shot.

According to the first reports, moments before the attack, both victims had finished a surveillance service for a cargo transport in a logistics park who was in the vicinity.

When leaving the place, the assailants’ car was matched Who They fired on several occasions.

The state police and paramedics from Civil Protection attended the scene, who gave support to the driver who was transferred by ambulancewhile the co-pilot lost his life in the place. So far, the whereabouts of the assailants are unknown.

What are the most dangerous roads in Mexico?

No road is exempt from any risk

Throughout the Mexican Republic there is a wide variety of tourist destinations that are found linked by miles of roads that facilitate the transfer to them.

According to the National Road Network, in 2018 there were reports of 50,435 kilometers of federal highways, 101,460 km of state highways and 1,192 payment places located throughout the republic.

However, none of these roads are exempt from the dangers that may arise during a trip, be it a storm, mechanical problems or including criminal actsthey all represent a risk behind the wheel.

According to the National Council for Accident Prevention (CONAPRA), some of the most dangerous roads in Mexico are the Matehuala–Monterrey Highway, Federal Highway Toluca – Mexico, Mexico-Puebla Highway and the Mexico – Cuernavaca Highway.

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