Two Russian fighters escort two US bombers over the Black Sea

Two Russian fighters Su-30 escorted two US B-1 Lancer strategic bombers over the Black Sea, an incident that coincided with the visit of the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, to Ukraine, reported the Russian Defense Ministry.

“The crews of the Russian fighters identified the air targets as two US B-1B strategic supersonic bombers, that they were accompanied by two KC-135 tankers, and escorted them over the Black Sea, “said the military entity, quoted by Interfax.

According to the Russian military authorities, the Russian fighters returned to their bases after the American aircraft turned around and move away from the Russian border.

American planes were detected by Russian air control systems While they flew over international waters.

“The flight of the Russian planes was carried out in strict accordance with international standards for the use of airspace. Violation of the state border of Russia was not allowed“Added the Russian National Defense Control Center. This incident took place while the Russian Navy conducts naval maneuvers in the Black Sea, in which more than 40 ships participate, among which are the cruiser “Moscow”, the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”, the missile ships “Ingushetia”, “Naberezhniye Chelni”, “R-60”, in addition to the ships of landing “Saratov” and “Novocherkassk”.

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