Two U.S. Marines were brutally beaten by 40 teenagers at San Clemente Beach, California

Marines targeted in shocking group attack, sparking a major manhunt and concerns over holiday safety in California.

In a video that has gone around the world, the moment when around 40 teenagers severely beat a pair of active U.S. Marines was documented. The incident occurred on a beach in California when the Marines requested the youths.

The clip shows the moment when the two Marines are already on the ground while receiving a brutal beating from the teenagers, who took advantage of the fact that they were outnumbered to mercilessly beat the Marines, who only “curled up” in a fetal position to cover their face and body from the violent aggression of the annoying youths.

The Marines were enjoying their time off during the Memorial Day weekend on Friday night when suddenly, some youths started setting off fireworks as they walked towards the San Clemente Pier Bowl. One of the beaten Marines indicated that when he asked the boys to leave, they began to assault them, he told local media outlet KCAL News:

“We told them we were Marines so they would leave, but they wouldn’t. They just kept going.

The two Marines were left on the ground protecting themselves from the blows. Photo: Screenshot

Upon hearing the request of the Marines, a group of young men responded that the ones who had to leave the place were the military at rest and not them. The aggression started when two of the three Marines on the Californian beach were beaten and knocked to the ground, where they continued to receive kicks.

They consider the attack an assault with a deadly weapon.

During the beating, one of the assailants took the time to pour a drink on the Marines, who avoided defending themselves in an attempt to calm tempers which were eventually calmed by a man and woman passing by who stopped the angry young men who stopped beating the two of the three servicemen.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department initially estimated that between 10 and 30 teenagers were involved in the brawl; however, in the video footage shared on social media, more kids are seen, which could total at least 40 who were in the street brawl.

Antonino is one of the Marines attacked. Photo: CBS

Local authorities said they will not stop the investigation “until all persons responsible are identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” In this regard, Sgt. Frank Gonzalez noted for the local media quoted:

“This is considered an assault with a deadly weapon due to the number of suspects.”

One of the Marines, identified as Antonino, stated that he feared he may have suffered some concussion after being “stomped” on the head during the fight, which started after asking the youths not to light rockets and leave the place. “My face still has blood all over it,” he said. “It wasn’t cool at all.”…