Two women ages 31 and 63 die in a fatal traffic accident in Puerto Rico

The women were speeding and the car hit a pole.

Photo: THOMAS SAMSON / AFP / Getty Images

A 31-year-old woman and another 63-year-old died last night in two separate traffic accidents in Trujillo Alto and Guánica, respectively, the Puerto Rico Police reported this Friday.

The 31-year-old woman was identified as Karina Resto Carrero.

According to the authorities, Resto was driving a car on Highway 199 in Trujillo Alto at a speed greater than the allowed speed, when he lost control of it and hit a concrete post, dying on the spot.

Meanwhile, the sexagenarian was identified as Daisy Ramos Padilla.

According to the security forces, Ramos was driving a vehicle on Highway 116 in Guánica at a speed greater than allowed, lost control of it and hit the front of the car on the metal barrier that divides the opposing lanes.

The collision killed him on the spot.

In this accident, Jessica Rosario Ramos, 46, who was a passenger, was injured.

Rosario was transported to the Yauco Hospital, where she received assistance from a doctor named Arroyo, who diagnosed traumas in different parts of the body.

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