Two women die in Peru after strong waves caused by the eruption of the Tonga volcano

Two women drowned on a beach in northern Peru during the strong waves that affected the Peruvian coast this Saturday after the volcanic eruption near the island of Tonga, in the Pacific Ocean, official sources reported.

“We regret the sensitive death of two people, who were found dead by members of the San Martín police station, on Naylamp beach, when the waves were abnormal,” the Peruvian National Police (PNP) reported on Twitter.

In turn, the head of the municipal police of the northern province of Lambayeque, Dalmiro Velásquez, explained that the women drowned on Saturday afternoon on Naylamp beach, as far as they had arrived with their relatives.

Velásquez told the RPP radio station that apparently the women were dragged by the strong current that appeared on that beach, which is far from the city and rarely visited.

The volcanic eruption near the island of Tonga, in the Pacific Ocean, generated abnormal waves this Saturday throughout the coast of Peru, where floods were reported in resorts and coastal towns.

Dozens of bathers who went to the Agua Dulce beach, in the Lima district of Chorrillos, were removed by municipal workers from that town after receiving an alert from the Control Center of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima.

Although most countries with the Pacific coast issued security alerts, the Navy’s Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation subsequently assured that the volcanic eruption “does not generate a tsunami on the Peruvian coast”, although it added that it would remain under “constant surveillance”.

However, both local media and social networks reported that in Pisco, in the southern region of Ica, the tide rose by at least half a meter, which led to the urgent withdrawal of citizens in areas near the sea.

In this regard, local authorities declared that 38 premises were affected by seawater, which entered restaurants and caused material damage, mainly in the areas of Pisco Playa, Paracas, San Andrés and Yumaque.

Citizens also reported on social networks that there were alterations in the sea in the Ancón resort, in the north of Lima, and in Punta Negra, in the south of the Peruvian capital.

The material damage due to the “anomalous waves” was confirmed this Sunday by the Civil Defense, which also reported that the Navy maintains the closure of several ports for security measures.

The Asismet collective, made up of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, assured on Twitter that a maximum wave height of 68 centimeters was recorded in the port of Callao, while in the southern Marcona it reached 72 centimeters and in the northern Paita it reached at 65 centimeters.

The violent eruption of an underwater volcano near Tonga caused a tsunami that has hit the coasts of that island nation and has also set off alarms in other nations in the oceanic region, including Chile, which reported waves of up to two meters on its coast. north, bordering Peru.

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