Two women with “narco wigs” arrested at the airport

Two women were arrested this Friday at the international airport of Panama when they were heading to embark on a flight to Spain, and pretended to carry hidden cocaine under their wigs reported the attorney general of the Central American country.

According to police information, a person was put under surveillance after her hairstyle seemed strange and suspicious so she was asked to do the scanner test. During the scan, the agents could see that between the layers of hair of her wig and the natural one, she was wearing small packages of cocaine attached to her head.

Finally, the authorities discovered 68 black cylindrical wrappers that contained white powder insid. Panamanian authorities pointed out that this modality of drug trafficking is unprecedented, hours after detecting the first case a second woman carrying 67 drug wraps. She also arrested before she could board a flight to Spain, according to information consulted by AmericanPost.News.

“Narco cat” discovered in Panama

They arrested a feline with drugs

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The Panamanian authorities highlighted that the anti-drug unit has discovered the new modalities with which the criminal groups are working, in order to transport drugs from one country to another, recently a “narcocat” was captured.

The feline covered crack cocaine and marijuana tied to his neck. However, the Central American authorities were able to arrest the passenger and his “drug trafficking pet” who were later brought before the authorities, to impose the corresponding penalty.

Other curious ways of transporting drugs

These are the ways in which drugs have been transported in Mexico

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One of the creative ways in which a criminal group sought to send drugs to the United States was identified in Mexico, when Mexican soldiers confiscated several boxes of donuts that instead of sprinkled sugar contained cocaine particles.

In previous cases, cans of drug-stuffed chili peppers, fentanyl-stuffed watermelons, cocaine-stuffed pickles, and crystal-stuffed pineapples have also been seen. They have even found shipments of frozen sharks stuffed with drug packages.