Typhoon Rai fatalities rose to 375 and Red Cross reports complete carnage

The figure of Typhoon Rai killed increased to 375, which is why the efforts to bring food and water to the devastated islands have been intensified, this was announced by the Police.

In the same report, it was reported that at least 500 people were injured and 56 disappeared after Typhoon Rai swept through the south and center of the archipelago.

AmericanPost.News announced that due to Typhoon Rai in the Philippines thousands of people were fleeing trying to save themselves from the intense winds, since more than 300 thousand people left their houses and beach hotels after the passage of Rai, leaving several areas without communications or electricity service, while in other places roofs were torn off and electricity poles were knocked down.

Meanwhile, following the Police report, the Philippine Red Cross reported a “complete carnage” in the coastal areas hit by Rai, which of houses, hospitals and schools “torn to pieces”.

Typhoon Rai one of the deadliest in the Philippines

Those killed by Typhoon Rai increased to 375. The damage is seen from above.

Official data confirm that the deaths from Typhoon Rai increased to 375 and that this has been of the deadliest typhoons to hit the Philippines in recent years.

And although the fatalities from Typhoon Rai rose to 375, the toll is likely to rise as government agencies begin to assess the entirety of the disaster that struck the Philippines on Thursday with 195 km-per-hour winds.

Thousands of police, military, coast guards and firefighters are currently deployed to assist in search and rescue in the affected areas.

After hitting the Philippines, Typhoon Rai sped away through the South China Sea and was off the coast of Vietnam on Sunday moving north.

But behind him he left damage, so heavy machinery, like Backhoes and tractors were used to help clear blocked roads from falling poles and trees.

Aerial footage of Typhoon Rai destruction

The damage is seen from above.

Aerial images distributed by The military showed the damage in the town of General Moon, in Siargao, where there were many surfers and tourists before the Christmas period.

For her part, Dinagat Governor Arlene Bag-ao said on Saturday that the damage to the island “is reminiscent of or worse” than that caused by the 2013 super typhoon Haiyan. records from the Philippines, with more than 7,300 people dead or missing.

Rai’s winds dropped to 150 km per hour as it advanced through the country with torrential rains, uprooting trees and destroying wooden structures and it is now confirmed that the deaths from Typhoon Rai increased to 375.

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