U.S. Supermarket Chain Pulls All Russian Vodka Brands From Shelves

Russian-made vodka will not be available for sale at any Publix supermarket.


This Wednesday it was announced that the Publix supermarket chain, based in Florida, USA, its decision to “remove” Russian vodka brands from its shelves, as a sign of rejection of the military invasion against Ukraine.

The EFE news agency stated that, in a statement, the Lakeland-based supermarket said that it “supports the people of Ukraine. To show our support we have decided to remove Russian-made vodka brands from our shelves. This includes all of our liquor stores.”

Similarly, the chain stated that alcoholic references will be digitally removed from weekly circulars.

Publix supermarket, founded in 1930 and currently with retail stores in 7 states (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia) will no longer have Russian-made vodka available for sale to the public.

This new measure implemented by several companies is due to growing pressure to ban or boycott products from Russia, after the invasion of Ukraine.

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