Uber driver decorates his car for Christmas and goes viral

The Christmas is about to be held and on the occasion of this celebration a uber driver it has gone viral, well he decorated his whole car with Christmas motifs drawing the attention not only of its users, but also of Internet users.

The decoration of the driver has been well received by users, as it shows that the driver cares that his customers are comfortable and happy with the service, and it is clear that he intends to brighten up his customers’ day.

The decorated car was made known through social networks, as a client shared a video on his Twitter account and the experience he had getting into the vehicle, which was decorated with multiple Christmas decorations.

This is what the viral decoration of the Uber driver looks like

Along with the video that shows all the decoration, the user wrote “This Uber is full of Christmas spirit.”

In the video you can see a sign where the driver asks passengers to wear face masks, but there are also several dolls with Christmas clothes, spheres and signs alluding to the date. Likewise, hanging on the ceiling, you can see a message that has attracted attention, since it undoubtedly has the power to change anyone’s mood. On the sign you can read the phrase: “Give thanks to God for one more day of life.”

Apparently it was a passenger who recorded the video and later decided to share it on social networks, without imagining that the recording would achieve great popularity.

What is the meaning of Christmas?

The driver devoured his car with Christmas hats and characters

Christmas is a religious holiday in which Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated every year on December 25. In fact, the word Christmas comes from the Latin nativĭtas, nativātis which means “birth”. This celebration is celebrated almost all over the world and now an Uber driver has gone viral for decorating his car for the holidays.

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