Uber faces a lawsuit from more than 500 women who were assaulted in their vehicles

Uber faces a huge lawsuit for sexual abuse of female passengers.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

WASHINGTON- About 550 women in the United States filed a lawsuit against the ride-sharing company Uber on Wednesday. by being assaulted by drivers when they were inside vehicles contracted through the platform.

As reported in a statement by the law firm Slater, Slater, Schulman LLP, the lawsuit was filed in the courts of San Francisco, California, where Uber is based.

“The passengers were kidnapped, sexually assaulted, beaten, raped, chased, harassed and attacked by Uber drivers to whom they had been assigned through the application,” the lawyers explained.

The lawsuit claims that the San Francisco firm has been aware that some of its drivers were sexually assaulting and raping female passengers since 2014, but despite this “sexual predators” who drive for Uber have continued to attack female passengers to this day. from today.

The shared transport company has been facing the courts for years for the illicit behavior of its drivers, especially for assaults on women.

In the latest edition of its security report, published in early June, Uber said it had received 3,824 reports of serious sexual assault in the years 2019 and 2020, which ranged from non-consensual kisses to rape. This figure is 38% lower than that registered between 2017 and 2018.

This Monday it was learned that former Uber lobbyist Mark MacGann is behind the leak of documents from the car-sharing platform that show the company’s controversial practices around the world.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) explained in a statement that the former Uber’s main lobbyist in Europe leaked 18.69 gigabytes of emails, text messages and internal documents from the platform to the British newspaper The Guardian.

These documents were shared by the newspaper with the ICIJ and its network of collaborators, to which international media outlets belong.

The leaked documents teach how company directors tried to influence politicians to obtain favors; they negotiated investment contracts with Russian oligarchs, now sanctioned; and took advantage of the violence against Uber drivers to get it regulated in favor of the firm.

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