Uber responds to users: this is the reason for the high price of its rates

Uber Y Didi, two of the private driver transport apps most used in Mexico; nowadays have generated the anger of thousands of users, since during the holiday season their “Dynamic fares” have increased the cost of a trip up to triple the regular price.

For example, now a four-kilometer trip can cost much more than 100 Mexican pesos, when its price is normally up to 40 pesos. In this situation, dozens of users complained against both companies on social media, and one of them decided to answer and explain why they have increased their costs.

The American company explained that now there are not so many Uber drivers like in the past, so due to the increase in travel requests during the holidays, the app increases the price of the rates, so that more drivers are encouraged to take the trip.

Uber explains why their rates increase so much

The transport company responded to users’ complaints / Photo: Twitter The transport platform said that the more users request a trip, the more the fare will increase / Photo: Twitter

Via a statement on your Twitter account, the company explained that due to high demand for Christmas Eve the prices in rates increased.

“Derived from this enthusiasm to enjoy the holidays, we are experiencing a significant increase in travel requests, exceeding the supply of available cars”They mentioned.

They also pointed out that when this occurs “A multiplier of the usual rate is activated, momentarily increasing the price of your trip ”. Therefore, he assured that the objective of Uber is that each user can connect with an available vehicle. In this regard, Didi has not made any pronouncement.

Users are not satisfied with the prices of the transport aps

The transport platform said that the more users request a trip, the more the rate will increase / Photo: Twitter

The high costs of transport platforms have users quite furious, since many wanted to choose to use this service during the December festivities to go to parties, inns and other meetings where alcoholic beverages are normally consumed, and thus avoid an accident .

But some netizens reported on the networks that they paid between 400 and 600 pesos just to travel within Mexico City. Some even argued that vTickets that pay for 150 pesos rose to more than 300 pesos.

How we report in AmericanPost.NewsIn its response, the Uber company said that it is already working to meet the demands of this season, although did not ensure that their travel costs will decrease.

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