UEFA against World Cup proposal every two years

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has “serious concerns” about FIFA’s plans to host World Cups every two years and is stunned by the lack of consultation from Gianni Infantino’s governing body.


In response to a letter from Football Supporters Europe CEO Ronan Evain, Ceferin endorsed the group’s “extremely valid and important” concerns.

Two years of the World Cup are too fast, according to UEFA

UEFA strongly opposes competitions such as the World Cup every two years.

Infantino’s drive to transform the international calendar so that each year includes a men’s or women’s World Cup is driving a new wedge with UEFA.

“UEFA and its national associations also have serious reservations and serious concerns about the reports of FIFA’s plans,” Ceferin wrote to Evain in the letter.

The idea of ​​the World Cup every two years came from the Arabs

UEFATeams like the Europeans will suffer with more competitions.

The plans first emerged in May, when the Saudi Arabian national federation nominally proposed at the May congress that FIFA explore the biennial men’s and women’s World Cups, something UEFA opposes.

While FIFA says it is still in a consultation phase, Infantino has been deploying Arsene Wenger to push the case forward.

In 2005 there were already complaints about events such as the African Cup, which is every two years

While Arsenal manager Wenger complained that the African Cup of Nations was held every two years, especially as it interrupted the UEFA European season.

In 2012, Wenger reiterated: “I’d rather plan without an African Cup of Nations every two years.” .

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