UFO researcher Jaime Maussan shares a video of a UFO over Tepoztlán, Morelos, in Mexico

Sky trails and sudden disappearance captivate viewers, as UFO's high-speed jaunt over a Mexican town sparks off-world theories.

With more than 50 thousand reproductions in only two hours of being shared on social networks, the video documenting the swift passage of an Unidentified Flying Object(UFO) now known as UPA (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) while flying over the sky of Tepoztlán, Morelos, has caused fascination among followers of the UFO phenomenon.

It was through the Twitter account of UFO researcher Jaime Maussan that the footage of the impressive flight of that luminous object that seems to have an elongated shape was shared; however, given the speed with which it travels, possibly its matter is “decomposed” to give that effect.

The marks in the sky were left by the passage of the UFO in Morelos. Photo: Video capture

The UFO was captured on Sunday.

According to the video surveillance camera in charge of recording 24 hours a day, the sighting happened last Sunday night, June 25, in the aforementioned magical town of Morelos. The clock marked 8:38 p.m. when the first flights of the UFO were recorded, leaving white marks in the sky, just as some airplanes do.

After the first marks in the air, suddenly, the craft passes near the video camera at a considered speed leaving in the same way as it did in other parts of the sky near Tepozteco, a mark of its trajectory with a pair of lines at the ends with intervals between them, separated with a line that crosses the two parallel lines.

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In the shot, the exact instant when the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon – as the United States has classified UPAs – passes by is paused for a moment, and the trajectory it made in a short space as it made a quick turn to continue its soaring flight at full speed.

Conspiracy theorists analyze the UFO.

The UFO captured in Tepoztlán. Photo: Video capture

During that same moment, the UFO is seen to have an elongated shape and is fully illuminated. Suddenly it fleetingly disappeared from the camera shot, which remains fixed. For several seconds the image was frozen to appreciate the mysterious shape of the Unidentified Flying Object that left internet users with doubts and expressed their opinion:

  • “There is another world, next to us, that our eyes and other senses do not reach to capture, but with so many cameras everywhere… we realize it!”
  • “Really impressive this video!!! The speed and turns are incredible!!!! No technology like this on Earth nor the biological body can withstand it. Thank you for sharing, Mr. Maussan!!!”
  • “The first three trails that appear above are cut, and the fourth one makes that turn at a tremendous speed. In the close-up view, it does not look like a solid object, but more like some energy, with consciousness.”