UFOs: the unusual images and videos of “unexplained aerial phenomena” that were shown in the US Congress.

A kind of flying triangle stops over the sky of the United States.

It does not appear to have any propulsion system. It flickers for a while and then disappears, as captured by Naval Air Systems Command night vision imagery.

In another video, a military aircraft operating in a training field reports a spherical object approaching and rapidly passing in front of the plane’s cockpit.

“I don’t have an explanation of what this object is,” he says before Congress Scott W. Braydeputy director of US naval intelligence

The projection of the videos classified until recently and the admission of ignorance by intelligence authorities about what they are took place on Tuesday at the first US public hearing on UFO sightings in over 50 years.

A video of unidentified aerial phenomena plays as U.S. Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray testifies before a House Intelligence Committee subcommittee hearing on Capitol Hill on May 17, 2022 in Washington. , DC. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

The evidence shown is not the only one.

Two top military officials tasked with investigating the sightings told congressmen that a database of UFO reports currently includes about 400 incidents, up from 143 in another report published about a year ago.

However, Bray stated that, although there are incidents that cannot be explained, intelligence teams have yet to discover anything of “non-terrestrial origin.”

He said the sightings recorded by the military include 11 that ended in “near misses” with US aircraft.

He also indicated that these “unexplained aerial phenomena” (UAP, as the military now call them) seem to move without any perceptible means of propulsion, for which there is currently no technical explanation.

few details

During the hearing at the House Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation of Intelligence, another senior Pentagon intelligence official, Ronald Moultrysaid that through “rigorous” analysis, the majority of reported UFO sightings can be identified.

“Any objects we find can probably be isolated, characterized, identified and, if necessary, mitigated,” Moultrie said.

However, he admitted that a small number of incidents are still unexplained.

In one such incident, in 2004, fighter pilots operating from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific encountered an object that appeared to have descended tens of thousands of meters before coming to rest and hovering.

One of the unidentified objects displayed at the Congress.
One of the unidentified objects displayed at the Congress. (Image: NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMMAND)

“There is a small handful [de eventos] where there are flight characteristics that we cannot explain with the data we have available. Those are obviously the ones we’re most interested in,” Bray said.

However, intelligence analysts stated that the US has never recovered any organic or inorganic material or unexplained debris and has never attempted to communicate with the objects or received any communication attempts from them.

We have found no evidence that suggest that it is something of non-terrestrial origin“, confirmed.

threat to national security

During the hearing, the congressmen expressed their fear that these unexplained aerial phenomena could be a threat to US national security.

Rick Crawford, a Republican from Arkansas, said the failure to identify potential threats was “equivalent to an intelligence failure that we certainly want to avoid.”

“This is not about finding alien spacecraft,” he added, alluding to the possibility that it could be due to technology from other countries that the United States is not aware of.

Bray responded that intelligence agencies are “not aware” of any potential adversaries that have technologies that enable phenomena such as the unexplained propulsion seen in some of the objects.

After the public hearing, the congressmen had a secret private session.

Fascination with UFOs

The public’s fascination with flying saucers, bright lights, and other unexplained objects in the sky has endured for generations.

The last public hearings in Congress that took place on the subject in the US occurred in 1966, when the Republican congressman and future president Gerald Ford called a couple of sessions to discuss a sighting in Michigan that was observed by more than 40 people, including a dozen police officers.

Air Force officials attributed the incident to “swamp gas,” prompting Ford to deride its description as “frivolous.”

In 1969, an Air Force investigation into UFOs called Project Blue Book was shut down after determining that no flying objects had been confirmed or considered a threat to US national security.

Unidentified flying object
One of the images captured by American pilots that was declassified last year. (Image: US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE)

In 2017, US media reported secret Pentagon efforts to investigate testimony from pilots and other members of the US military who reported seeing strange objects in the sky.

The reports included images of unidentified objects and descriptions of how they appeared to fly in unexpected ways, including hovering in place during high winds and rapidly changing elevation.

Pilots described seeing them almost “daily” outside military bases, and one source said the phenomena had even interfered with US nuclear weapons facilities.

In 2020, the then president donald trump requested that US intelligence agencies deliver an unclassified report on UFOs within 180 days.

In June 2021, the US Director of National Intelligence released a report saying it had no explanation for dozens of unidentified flying objects linked to 144 incidents dating back to 2004.

“Most of the reported UAPs likely represent physical objects,” the report stated, adding that 80 of them were detected on multiple advanced military sensors and radar systems.

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