Ukrainian pilot Marta Koren and family targeted in xenophobic parking conflict in Ciudad Satélite

Ukrainian pilot faces hatred in Mexico; a local dispute exposes xenophobia and gun violence, challenging perceptions of Mexican hospitality.

Marta Koren, a Ukrainian citizen in Mexico, and her family were physically and verbally attacked in Ciudad Satélite, State of Mexico, over a parking space, a conflict in which a man pulled out a gun and fired a couple of bullets into the air.

Ciudad Satélite, an area of Naucalpan, in the State of Mexico, was the site of the conflict that arose at the beginning of the week and authorities scheduled a hearing on June 6 to address a possible resolution.

Videos showed practically a pitched fight of all against all and there were literally blows and pulls from one against the other.

The state Prosecutor’s Office in Naucalpan received a complaint for discrimination and on June 6 an agreement will be sought between the parties, and the Ukrainian woman will receive psychological support along with her family.

A Ukrainian woman in Mexico denounces Xenophobia, as well as intimidation with bullets

From being in a neighborhood conflict over a parking space, the matter turned into an act of xenophobia as a woman told her that she is not even Mexican and that she should leave the country.

“Get out of my country… You’re not even Mexican, bitch!”

Annoyed neighbor

This was said to her in English despite the fact that the Ukrainian woman at all times spoke Spanish, however, the Ukrainian woman mocked the Mexican woman for speaking English.

Ukrainian woman says she left her country and it was not by her own decision

In a video after Marta Koren said that she fears for her family, that she is a victim of xenophobia, and that the Ukrainians who have left their country have been forced to do so by Russia’s war against Ukraine.

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He denounced that the police initially did not take the matter seriously and did not check the weapon, although he did not specify to which corporation and at what level it corresponded.

The C5 of the State of Mexico initially contacted the Ukrainian citizen.

Internet users for and against the conflict in Ciudad Satélite

Marta Koren, who is an airline pilot, said that Mexicans are kind people and that it is not fair to erase that image because of situations like this.

In social networks, there are comments against both sides. On the one hand, there are those who question why they did not take shelter in their home and also continued in the conflict and others claim that indeed the car was blocking the entrance of the annoying neighbor.

They condemn shootings in a neighborhood conflict

On the other side, there are those who condemn the violence and especially the use of a gun, saying that violent Mexicans do not represent the country.

Others have complained that other Mexican citizens do not have access to justice and that the authorities give priority to foreigners who go viral.