Ukrainian women decide to fight Russian invaders with machine guns

Ukraine.- Ukrainian women are determined to fight against the Russian invaders with powerful machine guns.

Ukrainian combat experts have created a program in Zaporizhzhia, in the war-torn southeast of Ukraine and are teaching women and girls civilians who are old enough to be able to use automatic weapons.

Ukrainian soldiers are armed with Kalashnikovss and they are also training in a variety of urban warfare skills and combat tactics that show that Ukraine is preparing for a long war of resistance according to The Mirror.

The Ukrainian army has 240 thousand fighters and up to a million volunteers, in addition to which foreign fighters added to the firepower.

Angry and grieving mothers have joined the battle in Ukraine over spilled blood and seek to avenge the death of their children.

Women train to use machine guns / Photo: AFP

Officials this week released photos of female soldiers in frontline units to mark International Women’s Day.

Kate Matchyshyn, 33, never dreamed of joining the army, but now she’s learning how to shoot, reload and clean an AK-47.

“Of course I’m afraid of having to train to be able to kill someoneKate said, adding that the idea of ​​killing someone is very difficult for her.

“The Russians are killing Ukrainian children so that Ukrainian women will do what they have to do to protect them.”

“We are the same as women anywhere in the world. All women have a protective instinct towards children and we will show that every day.”

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Although the front line is currently some distance from Lviv, Russian troops are believed to be moving west and the women are determined to be ready.

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