UNAM talks about “superimmunity”, getting COVID-19 and being vaccinated

According to Alejandro Sánchez, from the Institute of Biotechnology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the people that they have their vaccination schedule and that they were infected with COVID-19 long before receiving the immunization, they generate something called “superimmunity”, which is a hybrid immunity but at higher dimensions, in which, the protection is greater.

When a person becomes infected before vaccination and then gets vaccinated against COVID-19, generates hybrid immunity, which allows the immune system to remedy many of the symptoms of the delayed virus, the famous “long covid”, and the immune response is standardized in such a way that there are no inflammatory processes.

As we have told you in AmericanPost.News, people build natural immunity to COVID-19 after getting infected, but this exemption is not as strong when a new variant appears, as in the case of Omicron.

UNAM says that “superimmunity” is not exempt from reinfection

Immunity to COVID-19 is not long-lasting/Photo: Medical Gazette The booster dose of the vaccine will help the body to continue fighting the virus/Photo: Marca

The UNAM expert points out that despite the fact that a person has been infected and then has the vaccine with its reinforcements, doesn’t mean you can’t get sick with the virus again: “Even so, in none of these cases is it exempt from reinfection,” said Sánchez.

“The idea is that when you get vaccinated you raise an immune response that has two components. The first is like a shield, the T cells, it is not affected as much by the appearance of new variants; however, it is only half the answer. the other half are antibodies”, explained the expert.

“Making an analogy, they are like a sword that is used to fight the virus, but it is losing its edge. After six months, those antibodies lose their edge. because they are no longer so present,” he explained.

COVID-19 booster vaccine will help immunity

The booster dose of the vaccine will help the body to continue fighting the virus/Photo: Marca

Sánchez from UNAM mentioned that the human body cannot sustain an immune response all the time, but nevertheless, save memory cells, in such a way that when there is an infection, these cells fire and generate antibodies again.

Which, they will not recognize the omicron variant or other new ones because they do not have this memory, hence the importance of the booster dose. Therefore, Alejandro Sánchez stated that if a long time has passed and there will no longer be circulating antibodies, they must be awakened and this occurs with the booster dose against COVID-19.

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