Undefeated Mexican Boxer Jaime Munguia Triumphs Over John Ryder, Eyeing a Future Bout with Canelo Alvarez

Under Freddie Roach's guidance, Jaime Munguia exhibits improved strategy and defense, leading to a win against John Ryder in Phoenix.

Jaime Munguia, the undefeated Mexican boxer, marked a significant milestone in his career with a stellar victory over English fighter John Ryder at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Munguia’s record now stands at an impressive 43-0-0, with 34 knockouts, after this latest win, which was not just another notch on his belt but a statement to the boxing world about his readiness to challenge the top names in the super middleweight division.

The Turning Point

The fight, which unfolded over nine rounds, saw Munguia under the new tutelage of Freddie Roach, a change that paid off. Munguia’s style in the ring exhibited a notable evolution; while he maintained his inherent aggressiveness, there was a clear improvement in his ring management and defense. The impact of Roach’s experience was undeniable, especially when contrasted with Munguia’s past performances.

Jaime Munguía beats Rider photo: X
Jaime Munguía beats Rider photo: X

Ryder, a formidable opponent with a record of 32-7-0 and 18 KOs, was no easy challenge. Despite this, the pivotal moment came 1:25 minutes into the ninth round. Having been knocked down twice in this round and twice before in the match, Ryder saw his team signal the referee to stop the fight, recognizing the insurmountable advantage Munguia had established.

Strategic Superiority and a Noteworthy Victory

This victory is underscored by the fact that Munguia accomplished what Canelo Alvarez could not in his last fight against Ryder in May of the same year. From the second round, when Munguia first knocked Ryder down, it was evident that he was in control. Ryder’s resilience was commendable, particularly in the sixth round, but Munguia’s strategic approach and execution were superior.

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Photos: Ig/@canelo Ig/@jaimemunguiaoficial
Photos: Ig/@canelo Ig/@jaimemunguiaoficial

In his post-fight comments, Munguia expressed both satisfaction with his performance and respect for Ryder’s capabilities. “I was aware of the Brit’s power, which is why I approached the fight with due caution,” he remarked, highlighting his mindful strategy and the impact of Roach’s guidance.

The Road Ahead

With this victory, Munguia not only retains the silver belt of the World Boxing Council (WBC) but also solidifies his position as an undefeated contender, fueling his ambition to challenge Canelo Alvarez on May 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada. His evolving skill set showcased in the bout against Ryder and his impressive record of 43 wins, 34 by knockout, make him a formidable force in the super middleweight division.

This triumph is not just about Munguia’s personal growth as a boxer; it also highlights the critical role of a seasoned corner team. Freddie Roach’s influence on Munguia’s performance is a testament to the importance of experience and strategic guidance in boxing.

As Munguia looks ahead, fans and critics worldwide eagerly anticipate his next fight, marking him as a serious challenger to the established champions of the super middleweight division. The boxing community awaits what comes next in this exciting chapter of Munguia’s career.