Under the sunset Sofía Jamora models like a mermaid and wears a bikinazo

At 24 years old, the popular American model, sofia jamora She continues to impress thousands of her fans with her attractive updates on her social networks and recently drew everyone’s attention again by posting a photo shoot in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean while wearing a swimsuit that made her look like a mermaid.

As you know, the famous internet celebrity decided to start the new year on the right foot, since the end of 2021 he has been enjoying a well-deserved vacation after doing his best at his job this last fall-winter season.

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The renowned North American influencer took advantage of her free time to travel to the paradisiacal beaches of The Bahamas, where he finds himself having a great time next to his loved ones on starry nights, but he has also taken advantage of the wonderful landscapes to pamper his faithful admirers.

With her most recent publication through her personal account on the social network of the camera, the beautiful young woman originally from California, unleashed intense reactions by being seen in an attractive Mayan outfit while modeling as an impressive mermaid in the middle of the sea, which that managed to capture the attention of users.

In the photo session, Jamora took advantage of the beautiful landscapes of the ocean at sunset to delight the eyes of her millions of followers, wearing a black two-piece swimsuit that showed her perfect tan and her slender silhouette.

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Obviously, the publication caused a stir among Internet users, especially because of the flirty message that Sofía placed at the bottom of the photographs, where she wrote “I’d give you the world if you were mine”, which could be translated into Spanish as “I would give you the world if you were mine.”

Although only a few hours have passed, the gallery of images has managed to attract the attention of a large number of users of the platform, since so far it has been able to add more than 123 thousand reactions of likes in the form of a little red heart thanks to its devotees fans.

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