Underwear in sight! Celia Lora showed almost everything at the launch of Playboy Mexico

Celia Lora “The Queen is Back”“La Reina está de Vuelta” in Spanish is the title with which Celia Lora took off her clothes and posed in the latest issue of Playboy Mexico. But we had already told you that, the news now is that the daughter of the former member of El Tri, Alex Lora, celebrated the launch of this successful cover in a very sensual night surrounded by friends and wearing a transparent jumpsuit that left all her underwear in sight!

Celia Lora for Playboy Mexico/Photo: Mixtent.

Celia Lora is in fashion again and this time not because of any scandal but because of her exuberant beauty and her hard work. Many of us see that voluptuous goddess with white porcelain skin and sensual tattoos, without thinking about the work that she dedicates to her. Celia Lora to the content you make. Fortunately, Playboy Mexico He is very aware that the Mexican model is one of the toughest in terms of sensuality and also a machine generating numbers on social networks. Therefore, together they celebrated the launch of the new cover of Playboy Mexico Y Celia Lora she decided on a transparent outfit that exposed her black underwear in what was a party where sensuality overflowed.

Celia Lora cover of Playboy.
Celia Lora cover of Playboy/ Photo: Mezcaliente.

Her time on Telemundo’s reality show, La Casa de los Famosos, did not leave her excited, much less wanting to talk about it. However, it served to generate bonds and friendships with some of the other participants, as happened with Kimberly Flores. At the exit of it, which was one of the highest rating peaks of the program, Celia Lora He returned with more force to generate content for his social networks, his YouTube program, his OnlyFans and of course, content for his favorite house, Playboy Mexico.

Celia Lora He surrounded himself with fans, friends, family, people in the middle and as expected He left more than a few sighing by wearing an outfit that covered his skin almost completely but at the same time exposed his most precious attributes. There’s no doubt Celia Lora She is one of the most successful women generating adult content and one of the most beautiful Mexicans in Hispanic entertainment.

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