Unemployment benefits are terminated throughout the country, more than 7 million will be affected

Unemployment benefits are terminated throughout the country, more than 7 million will be affected
The government’s bet is that available vacancies are filled.

The date arrived, today unemployment benefits expired throughout the country. More than 7 million Americans will no longer receive $ 300 a week of support, a situation that places them in great financial uncertainty, especially for those who have not looked for a source of employment despite the fact that this September 6 was the deadline set to end the program.

Although the pandemic continues, the millions of beneficiaries who will stop receiving this weekly check will have to look for one of the millions of vacancies that are offered in various industries of the national economy. Regardless of what sector it is, there are job options throughout the country, in many even the minimum hourly wage is $ 15 dollars, this can represent an attraction for those who are still unemployed.

Those who return to work after they stop receiving weekly unemployment support, will have the opportunity to earn weekly in case they get a job of $ 15 an hour for an eight-hour day, $ 600, that is, they would receive the double the unemployment benefit. They would be receiving at least $ 2,400 per month, in addition to the fact that in several companies they offer other attractive benefits.

Unemployment benefits were undoubtedly a breath of fresh air for workers who lost their jobs with the arrival of Covid-19, even for many retailers who benefited from Americans receiving the weekly check, as the consumption. But for the government and employers it is time to resume jobs.

Jared Bernstein, a member of the Council of Economic Advisers of the White House, told the AP last Friday that in the country “we have a strong momentum going in the right direction on behalf of the American workforce.” This statement shows that the possibility it is approved an extension of unemployment benefits is increasingly remote.

From an economic point of view, for public finances, the termination of this program relieves the federal administration of an onerous expense, since in these months it has been disbursed in this area a little less than $ 1.9 billion dollars considering that Republican governors cut federal unemployment benefits a few months ago.

Despite the fact that the government will no longer have to spend more money for this item of social assistance, there is a fear on the part that the seven million people who will not receive the support will be condemned to poverty if it is assumed that the only financial input they received was via unemployment benefits.

Despite this, the fact that support is cut off can put millions of people in vulnerability, this will make them return, even if it is forced, to jobs, since the vision of the Biden administration regarding the country’s economy for the In the following years, it is focused on detonating wealth from public investment to carry out the Infrastructure Plan, which aims, among other things, create better paying jobs.

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