“Unexpected cancellation of 13 ‘Jaripeo sin Fronteras’ concerts leaves Pepe and Ángela Aguilar’s fans in the lurch

Unexpected concert cancellations spark controversy among Aguilar fans, with speculation about animal rights issues and poor ticket sales.
  1. Amid speculation and confusion, the Aguilars suddenly cancel 13 U.S. concerts without explanation.
  2. Fans question motives, citing possible low ticket sales or animal rights pressures.
  3. Pepe Aguilar disputes rumors, leaving fans and Ticketmaster awaiting further updates.

In an unexpected turn of events, famed singers Pepe Aguilar and his daughter, Ángela Aguilar, have seemingly hit a low note with their audience. In particular, their decision to abruptly cancel concerts without providing prior notice or an explanation has sparked controversy. The cancellations have caused consternation among fans, many of whom received notifications of the cancellation from Ticketmaster after purchasing tickets for the events.

The pair’s tour, dubbed “Jaripeo sin Fronteras,” had been a topic of debate due to some of Ángela’s comments and actions, including her assertion of being 25% Argentinean and 100% proud, as well as her decision to exclude Mexico from her tour itinerary. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the duo has refrained from issuing any statement on the matter, leaving fans to speculate about the reasons for the abrupt changes.

Ticketmaster’s announcement, while brief, did offer some consolation to ticket holders. The statement read, “The organizer of the event is trying to reschedule this concert, if so, the tickets previously purchased will continue to be valid for the new dates.” However, as it stands, the next 13 shows of the Jaripeos sin Fronteras tour appear on Ticketmaster’s official website without an official date, marked simply as “postponed.”

Currently, this is the status of the next 13 concerts of "Jaripeos sin Fronteras". (Capture)
Currently, this is the status of the next 13 concerts of “Jaripeos sin Fronteras”. (Capture)

Fan speculation about the reasons for the cancellations has run rampant on social media. Some, like Instagram user Chamonic, have suggested that the shows could have been cancelled due to pressure from animal rights groups in the United States, which are known to oppose the use of animals in entertainment. The singers’ use of horses during their jaripeo performances could indeed have been a point of contention.

Others have pointed to potential low ticket sales as a possible reason for the cancellations. This theory is not new; rumors of poor ticket sales for the Aguilar dynasty’s shows circulated as recently as February 2023. The whispers suggested that the sale of entrance tickets was insufficient, leading to potential losses following a performance in Mexico City.

However, Pepe Aguilar was quick to refute these rumors. He assured the media that venues were selling out, implying that there was no issue with ticket sales. In fact, he stated that they would continue with the tour, which is only scheduled to take place in the United States.

Los Aguilar postponed more than 10 concerts of their "Jaripeo sin fronteras" tour in the United States Photo: Eser Gutiérrez
Los Aguilar postponed more than 10 concerts of their “Jaripeo sin fronteras” tour in the United States Photo: Eser Gutiérrez

The postponed concerts were slated to take place in five states: Florida, Illinois, Tennessee, California, and Arizona. Some of these states had multiple dates scheduled, bringing the total number of canceled concerts to 13. The sudden and unexplained cancellations have left fans feeling frustrated and uncertain.

Many fans have voiced their discontent on digital platforms, with some even demanding refunds. The lack of information about when the Jaripeo sin Fronteras events might take place again has left fans feeling anxious. Others have stated that they may not be able to attend future dates and would prefer to receive their money back rather than wait indefinitely.

In March 2023, Pepe Aguilar was slated to perform with his children, Ángela and Leonardo, at the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City. At the time, media reports suggested that he had only managed to sell 15% of the tickets for the venue, which has a capacity of 42,000 people. This would mean that only about 7,000 people would be in attendance.

Despite these reports, Antonio Aguilar’s son insisted that ticket sales were robust and selling faster than at his performances in other countries. He firmly dismissed the rumors, leaving fans and critics alike in a state of suspense about the real reasons behind the sudden concert cancellations. As it stands, fans and Ticketmaster alike remain in the dark, eagerly awaiting any updates or explanations from the Aguilar camp.