Unfaithful: Her boyfriend had relations with his own stepsister, and she sent him a video to find out

Traditional children’s tales personify evil in characters like stepmothers and stepsisters, but in that story of infidels who have nothing to do with fantasy, the dreaded evil stepsister became a reality. A girl recounted the drama she experienced when she discovered that her boyfriend had relations with his own stepsister, and she sent him a video to find out.

As it is: Courtney copenhagen, as identified on TikTok, she received a Snapchat video from her then-boyfriend’s stepsister in which both, the boy and his stepsister, appear to have sex. “As soon as I saw the video I started crying,” Copenhagen recounted.

Courtney is a biomedical engineering student at Michigan Technological University where she met Mitchell, her ex-boyfriend. In fact, The day she received the video of the stepsister documenting the incestuous infidelity, she was having lunch with their mother, her mother-in-law then, because it was her birthday.

Mitchell and his stepsister are married brothers, they are not blood brothers. “I never saw your stepsister as a threat until she sent me a video of you two having sex“Courtney described in a video on her TikTok account that has surpassed 6.5 million views.

Courtney showed the video she had just received to the mother of the stepbrothers, because “I was in a state of shock and did not know what to do.” The woman did not hide her astonishment and left the restaurant.

The hurt girl tried to communicate with Mitchell, but he had blocked her from all her social networks. In other videos, she explained that she decided to air her story on TikTok as a way to deal with the difficult situation, and that she even received a complaint from her stepsister for doing so.

“What the hell happens to you? Did you do a TikTok about me and my brother and use his name? Our friends and family saw it and now they are claiming us for it! ”The angry girl wrote to him.

TikTok users wrote comments to Courtney supporting her decision to speak about her case on the popular video network and also sent her words of comfort.

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