United Airlines: Memorandum Reminds Crew “Not to Tape Violent Passengers to Their Seats”

United Airlines: Memorandum Reminds Crew “Not to Tape Violent Passengers to Their Seats”

As of June, the FAA has received more than 3,000 reports of indiscipline and violence from passengers.

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United Airlines sent its employees a memo on Friday reminding flight attendants “that there are designated rules on board that can be used in difficult situations. and that alternative measures such as tape should never be used“.

As restrictions have been lifted by the pandemic, flight attendants in the United States are grappling with an unprecedented increase in cases of violence in passenger behavior.

Violence on board

United’s recommendation note comes after American Airlines flight attendants a woman was taped to her seat after she tried to open the doors of an airplane during a flight. Another incident occurred during a Frontier Airlines flight when crew members restrained a man after he acted violently and touched the breasts of an attendant mid-flight.

The United Airlines cases

United has also registered cases where its members of the crew have had to use duct tape to hold the passengers in their seats.

  • In 2003 on a flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles, the crew restrained a passenger to his seat after he began to wander down the aisle of the plane and speak aloud while reciting chapters from the Bible.
  • In 2008 another incident was recorded when a passenger became violent on a flight from Puerto Rico to Chicago after fighting with flight attendants and some passengers.

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United’s memorandum recommends flight attendants use the safety manual to make decisions before considering denying service to a customer on board, in addition to discussing the situation with the captain, the customer service representative, and the ground safety coordinator to assess and find a solution in a case of violence.

However, the company reminded employees that if they cannot reach an agreement with a customer on security policies, they should follow the usual process and always use “their best judgment.”

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) received up to the month of June more than 3,000 reports of indiscipline from passengers, of which 2,300 correspond to people who have refused to use a mask while traveling.

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