United States alerts community transmission of monkeypox

In United States the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)have begun to alert the population on the possibility that there is already community transmission of monkeypox in the country, despite the fact that this zoonotic disease was considered to represent a low risk of spread. In that sense, experts from the CDC revealed that so far 45 positive cases were identified.

“There are some individuals in the United States, not many, just a few, who are not sure how they got infected with monkeypox, and that could suggest that there is some community transmission,” explained the health authorities through a conference with communication means.

On the other hand, the warning that monkeypox infections will increase in the United States in the coming weeksso people who already have characteristic symptoms of the disease were asked to see a doctor to avoid massive spread.

Monkeypox detected in Brazil

The first case identified in Brazil is a 41-year-old man Sanitary measures prevent the risk of monkeypox

Recently in Brazil it did confirm the first positive case of monkeypox, in a 41-year-old man who lives in São Paulo, who traveled to Spain and Portugal, which was identified through the RT-PCR test of the Varicella Zoster virus, to rule out another type of similar disease, for which it was confirmed with another analysis, in which it was detected“Monkeypox Virus genome”according to a statement from the San Pablo Health Secretariat.

How to protect yourself from monkeypox?

Sanitary measures prevent the risk of monkeypox

According to health experts and the World Health Organization, the level of massive infections is low, however it is necessary wear a mask to protect against monkeypoxalso avoid skin-to-skin or excessively intimate contact with an infected person, avoid contact with articles and clothes of a sick person, for this it is advisable to use disposable gloves,frequent hand washing, use of antibacterial gel and disinfecting surfacescan be prevention methods against the “Monkeypox” virus.

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