United States approaches 3,000 cases of monkeypox

After confirming that USA reports 2 thousand 981 cases of monkeypox, The government coordinator for the response to COVID-19, Ashish Jha, pointed out that the North American authorities trust that the implementation of vaccines and detection tests for this disease will control infections.

“We have intensified vaccination, treatments and tests, and we will continue to evaluate all kinds of possibilities. Right now I think we can contain it, but obviously if we need new tools we will turn to them,” the official said.

As reported in AmericanPost.NewsThe United States set off the alarms due to the intensity of the monkeypox outbreak that is being experienced in its territory, in fact, in this country the first infections among the child population have already been reported, for which they called for extreme precautions.

Monkeypox in US children

The US intensifies its strategies against this disease

In that sense, it was recalled that this week the first infections of monkeypox in children were reported. They were two minors, who are reported stable at the moment, although no further information was specified about their health status.

In this sense, the official explained that the United States currently has the capacity to carry out 80,000 tests a week and has more than 300,000 vaccines against this disease and assured that in the next few days more biologicals will arrive in this nation, for which he considered that the outbreak is controllable.

“I think monkeypox can be contained. Definitely. And the way to do it is with a very simple and direct strategy, which is to make the tests accessible. We’ve done it. And now they are much more frequent and habitual”, he declared.

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Brazil buys monkeypox vaccines

Recently, Brazil announced that it began purchasing monkeypox vaccines, after this disease was declared an emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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