United States Calls Nursing Home Staff to Receive Booster Vaccine

A home for the elderly in Colorado.

Photo: Michael Ciaglo / Getty Images

The United States government has asked the staff working in nursing homes to receive the booster vaccine, especially by a increase in covid-19 cases among these workers, in addition to the lag that begins to worry among residents and their staff.

Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human ServicesHe made a call, ensuring that the Omicron variant “is super fast and we cannot afford another increase in covid-19 in homes for the elderly. You know it and I know it. Higher numbers of covid cases are likely to have a devastating impact again in our loved ones ”.

President Joe Biden has assured that the United States is better prepared to deal with an increase in the infections this winter than it was the previous one, and that statement is put to the test precisely by the situation in the nursing homes.

Although the residents of the same are only a small part of the population, this sector has represented a disproportionate share of people who have died in the United States during the pandemic.

Months ago, the outbreak of the vaccine put the infections in the homes of the elderly under control and it was possible to receive visits again, but the return to normality imposed since then could be at stake with the arrival of Ómicron.

In the week ending Dec. 27, cases among employees at these centers reached 10,353, an increase of nearly 80% compared to the previous week, the CDC said. As for the residents of those homes, who are more vaccinated, the cases hardly increased slightly, but not the deaths.

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