The United States seized five properties in Jalisco belonging to drug kingpin Rafael Caro Quintero

Amid Rafael Caro Quintero’s legal battle to avoid his extradition to the United States at all costs, the drug trafficker suffered a major setback that affected the wealth obtained through his illicit activities.

Everything happened after the Mexican Attorney General’s Office (FGR) obtained a favorable ruling to finalize the extinguishment of ownership of five properties of the so-called “Narco of narcos” (Narco de narcos) located in the city of Zapopan, Jalisco.

The legal process for these properties began three years ago, on October 25, 2019, when authorities of the United States Department of Justice requested the FGR’s international legal assistance to seize the properties in question, since they were acquired with resources from the sale of narcotics.

Due to the fact that neither the drug trafficker, nor his wife or children presented documents supporting the legal origin of the properties, their right to claim them was forfeited.

As a result, a judge in matters of Extinction of Ownership ordered the delivery of the four houses and a warehouse to the institute to return the stolen to the People, so that they can be sold and the money obtained can be handed over to the US government.

It should be noted that the capture of Rafael Caro Quintero is perhaps the most significant blow to organized crime in the government headed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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Since July 15, when his arrest by a group of marines in the Choix, Sinaloa region was announced, the U.S. government has been working on extraditing the drug lord.

However, a series of appeals filed by the criminal leader and legal proceedings in Mexico have prevented the founder of the Guadalajara Cartel from stepping foot in a cell in the U.S., where he would serve a sentence for the murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena.