Univision: Why nobody says anything about Carlos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon in Despierta América

Various media have reported on the separation of the driver from Despierta América, Carlos Calderon. Even more, there was an accusation of domestic violence, and Calderón was pointed out as the aggressor. Still, Mandy Fridmann, investigative journalist and entertainment expert, has been shaping all this mess and has discovered that the accusation falls on the driver’s partner, Vanessa Lyon. Here is the complete information about this case.

For his part, the driver appeared on his social networks to deny everything, at least the confusing part, thinking that he was the one carrying out the violence:

“I want to tell you that, as a public person, and because of the responsibility I feel to working for you every morning, I want to make it clear that there is no accusation of domestic violence against me, and they can prove it in court“ was the message that Carlos wrote, without confirming or denying their separation.

On the other hand, Despierta América’s audience is unhappy with the program because they specialize in talking about the show-business and offering their opinion on failed relationships or severe scandals of celebrities from both worlds, Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic.

On Despierta América, there is this space named “Sin Rollo,” moderated by Carlos Calderón himself, where these situations are discussed. We would agree that everyone taking part in the panel and the rest of Univision’s morning-show hosts are public figures. Therefore, in an exercise of justice, everyone’s scandals, once they publicly break out, could or should be approached with the same professionalism shown while dealing with the lives of Chiquis Rivera, Frida Sofía, and Jennifer López, among others.

Read more about Carlos Calderon here:

For this reason, the program’s fans are claiming: “Why don’t they say anything about Carlos Calderón, about the problem he has -with his partner- just as they criticize others. Talk about the problem! When it’s someone from the channel, they take a vow of silence. It’s not okay!”