Unmasking Leon Leiden, the alleged new love of singer Paty Cantú

The buzz around Paty Cantú and Leon Leiden's speculated romance, as we dive into Leon's life, his rise to fame, and their public appearances.

Paty Cantú ‘s love life was exposed when a paparazzi caught her leaving a hotel with her alleged new love, León Leiden, also a singer. This has unleashed a wave of rumors about an alleged affair between them, mainly because they went out in the wee hours of the morning and were utterly alone.

But who is Leon Leiden? In American Post News, we share all the details about Paty Cantú’s alleged boyfriend.

Who is Leon Leiden, Paty Cantú’s alleged boyfriend?

¿Quién es Leon Leiden? Cantante con el que vieron salir a Paty Cantú de un hotel
Leon Leiden, singer.

Gabriel Leidenberger Bitarán, better known as León Leiden, is a 24-year-old young man born September 25, 1998.

As you can tell from his last name, he is a musician of German descent, a producer, and passionate about the music industry.

Like many in a pandemic, he rose to fame thanks to TikTok, where he made videos sharing his musical skills by creating mixes of various rhythms only using household items and singing part of his compositions.

From a very early age, he showed his interest in music when he started taking violin lessons at the age of 5, and at 11, he knew he wanted to be a DJ; which he achieved.

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The singer focuses on rhythms such as electronic music, funk, and house, with which he has created successful singles such as “Close to You,” “Pa’l Norte,” “La habanera,” “Gitana,” “Todo Pasa” and “Manzana.”

In 2021, the young man decided to bet everything and create his record label called “Laila Records” to encourage people who want to create music independently as he did.

He has collaborated with other artists such as Kenia Os, who created the song “Desamor feliz”; he currently has more than 356 thousand followers on Instagram.

Who is Paty Cantú’s ex-boyfriend?

¿Quién es Leon Leiden? Cantante con el que vieron salir a Paty Cantú de un hotel
Cantú’s current boyfriend.

Paty Cantú is not usually so open about her romantic relationships. Still, in an interview with Yordi Rosado, she confessed that her ex-boyfriend, Josh Radnor, was “the most nefarious” of all her ex-partners.

The singer is currently dating Christian Vázquez, with whom she has been in a relationship since 2021.