Unmasking Luis Miguel’s peculiar no-eye-contact rule with employees

Discover a different side of Luis Miguel, where unusual contract terms dictate workplace interactions.

Luis Miguel could have one of the most successful tours of the year since his pre-sale alone sold out, and he had to open more shows, at least in Mexico City. However, in addition to this situation, a journalist recently revealed that “El Sol de Mexico” that the myth about employees not being able to see the artist’s face is real and that this is in his contract, so he revealed some details about it.

The interpreter of “La Incondicional” is very secretive about several situations in his life, such as his romantic relationships with personalities like Paloma Cuevas, who is allegedly his girlfriend, as well as his work dynamics with employees; for that reason, there are several speculations about it. A few years ago, it was reported that the 53-year-old singer did not allow people who worked with him to look at him, which was thought far-fetched at the time.

Luis Miguel is very secretive about his life Photo: Especial
Luis Miguel is very secretive about his life Photo: Especial

Luis Miguel does not allow employees to look at him

Now it is known that this situation is not an invention of the users of social networks since Jorge Ria, a renowned Argentine journalist, interviewed workers and assistants of Luis Miguel, who collaborated with him while recording the advertising of a brand of mineral water in 2018. “The myth that they can’t look Luis Miguel in the face is true. It’s by contract,” assured the entertainment specialist, who indicated that it is stipulated in a document.

He is not the only one who had spoken on the subject, since also in Spain, a worker told the renowned program ‘Sálvame’ that when they were facing”Luismi,” they had to look at the wall.”Nobody could look at him, because he didn’t like it. It was arriving, and everyone had to turn to the wall”, she said and added that”everyone had to sign a confidentiality contract.”

In addition, Luis Miguel requested that when someone saw him in a hallway, they had to turn around: “You couldn’t look him in the eyes,” explained other former collaborators who worked with him some years ago. With these statements, it could be confirmed that the interpreter of “La chica del bikini azul” has a strange attitude with his employees, with whom he does not have much contact because they must avoid him as much as possible and only comply with his demands.

Luis Miguel is in one of his best moments Photo: Especial
Luis Miguel is in one of his best moments. Photo: Special.

Despite the rumors, the singer is in one of his best moments since he will soon start his tour “Luis Miguel Tout 2023” in several cities of Latin America, the United States, and Mexico; he is currently dating Paloma Cuevas, who is presumed to be very much in love, since he lives with his two daughters and even close sources have said that he is planning to get married.