Unprecedented peace call by Northeast Cartel to AMLO captured on video

The paradoxical stance of Northeast Cartel - a plea for peace, marked by contrasting acts of violence in Mexico.

In an unprecedented event, members of the Northeast Cartel (CDN ) sent a message to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador(AMLO), which was widely disseminated on social networks. Nine alleged hitmen, armed with rifles, light machine guns and Barret rifles, stood before a camera to announce their response to the president’s call for peace.

One of them, positioned at the front of the group, was in charge of reading the message, which alluded to the declarations made by López Obrador in his morning conference on May 30, 2023.

The unprecedented peace message from Northeast Cartel

That day, when questioned about the peace agreement the collectives of searching mothers called for, AMLO urged the criminal groups “not to act violently.”

In this regard, “this organization responds to their call for a truce and joins them,” said the CDN member in the video. He then warned that their apparent adherence to the peace agreement should not be understood as a synonym of weakness but as a way to achieve “the wellbeing of Mexico.”

Los colectivos de madres buscadoras tuvieron que llegar al punto de pedirle un acuerdo de paz a los grupos del narco debido a la crisis de desapariciones. (Especial)
The collectives of searching mothers had to ask the narco groups for a peace agreement due to the crisis of disappearances. (Special)

“We are not afraid of anyone nor is it weakness, but it is time to think that as Mexicans the entire population can benefit from a transitional justice law and a justice of peace, so that the people of Mexico can finally live with the peace and tranquility they deserve.”

Northeast Cartel

According to the alleged hitman’s words, the CDN had already begun negotiations with the Matamoros, Tamaulipas division of the Gulf Cartel (CDG) before the president called for a halt to the violence. “We are in peace talks and the same channel,” he assured.

“We know the underlying problem from 2000 to date; violence has taken over the country. We know that it is a problem you inherited from your worst period, and we are willing to do our part since we are Mexican and parents of families. We want peace and security for them,” continued the emissary of the criminal group.

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The message was not limited to informing the integration of the CDN to the truce requested by the searching mothers and the president but also included a couple of doubts and demands to the president.

Miembros del CDN ejecutaron a un presunto integrante de La Línea en Zacatecas. (Twitter/@DemonioTtv)
CDN members executed an alleged member of La Línea in Zacatecas (Twitter/@DemonioTtv).

“We ask you, as the highest authority in the country and supreme commander of the armed forces: what will be the legal mechanisms so that we as groups can be certain that the peace agreements and truces will be respected? And which person in your government do we have to talk to, or do our legal representatives have to talk to?”

As if it were a diplomatic message between government representatives, the cartel member said, “Without further ado, we await a response from you and send you cordial greetings. Sincerely, your safe servants of the Northeast Cartel”.

This is the first statement from a drug cartel since Delia Quiroa, spokeswoman for the Colectivo Nacional de Víctimas 10 de Marzo, issued a call to the criminal organizations to have a dialogue and agree on a stop to the disappearance of people.

The CDN’s recording “in favor of peace” was released on the same day that an atrocious video was made public in which members of this same group in Zacatecas subdued and executed an alleged member of La Linea (the armed wing of the Juarez Cartel). With a notorious knowledge of torture techniques, the assassins subdued the young man, skinned his face, opened his thorax, and removed his heart while still alive.

On the same date, but in the state of Nuevo Leon, a CDN commando attacked members of the Civil Force while patrolling the area of Lampazos de Naranjo by air and land. The confrontation resulted in three assassins and one police officer murdered.