Unstoppable tornado surprises in Kansas, destroys building and leaves several people. Video

Kansas.- a suspected tornado surprised Kansas residents, as his unexpected stint in the state damaged several buildings, injured several people and left more than 6,500 people without power, local authorities reported this Saturday.

Andover Fire Chief Chad Russell reported during a news conference that between 50 and 100 buildings were damaged in Sedgwick County, though it was not immediately known how many buildings were damaged in Andover.

Authorities said the suspected tornado moved through parts of southeastern Wichita and Andover On Friday night, Russell said that in some neighborhoods the houses were “completely blown away,” npr.org reported.

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So far no human losses have been reported, only some people with injuries had been registered. In Sedgwick Countythree people were injured, including a woman who suffered serious injuries.

Russell said no injuries had been reported in Butler County, but that a secondary evaluation would take place on Saturday morning.

The fire chief said that while it was not immediately known how many buildings had been damagedmore than 900 structures were in the path of the suspected tornado.

He said some neighborhoods were “damaged enough that houses completely collapsed” and cited areas that suffered “very serious damage”.

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City Hall was also damaged, hampering “some of our efforts,” Russell said. Other damaged buildings include the Dr. Jim Farha Andover YMCA and Prairie Creek Elementary School.