Until the snores separate us

Only those who sleep or have shared their bed with a partner who snores knows that sleeping with a snorer is literally a nightmare. And there is nothing more overwhelming than being woken up at dawn by sounds as loud as powerful thunder, a hungry pig or a motorcycle starting.

If your partner’s snoring does not allow you to sleep, you not only need a double coffee the next morning, but also worry about solving this serious problem that affects the health of both of you and deteriorates your love relationship. There are even those who separate and divorce because of chronic snoring.

What to do when your partner snores:

Encourage him to seek help: A snorer could never hear himself and therefore has no idea how serious he sounds. Record it on video and show him the next day the noises and the seconds that he seems to be out of breath.

Beyond being such an annoying act for the couple, snoring is an indication that the air passes with difficulty and, like any other medical condition, needs attention. It may be the result of sleep apnea, an allergy that inflames the airways, a deviated septum, or a consequence of being overweight, smoking, or drinking alcohol, among others.

One of the two has to move: And not from home; sleeping in different rooms is the quickest solution to rest peacefully without being interrupted by a symphony of snoring. Sleeping with someone who snores steals a minimum of two hours of sleep per night. Studies of couples have confirmed that sleeping apart is more beneficial than sleeping together all the time, regardless of whether they snore or not, because having excellent rest improves intimacy.

Acquire a noise gun: If you don’t have an extra room or don’t want to sleep apart, use special sleeping plugs. And no, the ones they give you on a plane! I recommend the silicone ones, they are very comfortable for the ears and block noise excellently.

Instead of continually complaining about his snoring, understand that your partner cannot control this behavior, but with your support it can be fixed so that both of you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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