Unusual: Lewis Hamilton could end up in jail for making his dog vegan

Unusual: Lewis Hamilton could end up in jail for making his dog vegan

Roscoe is vegan, and accompanies Lewis Hamilton in his daily chores.

Photo: Clive Mason / Getty Images

Controversial, that’s how it is Lewis hamilton when he’s off the slopes. One example of this is that the seven-time Formula 1 champion is declared vegan. He even received a complaint for keep your dog away from all meat and its derivatives. This situation could lead to jail.

The British Association The Blue Cross, which is dedicated to the protection, care and care of animals, accused Hamilton of violating the Animal Welfare Act, in force in United Kingdom since 2006, for the roscoe’s vegan diet, his famous pet.

“If your personal belief system means you don’t want to eat any animal protein, it’s okay; but that diet it is not designed to meet your pet’s welfare standards“, Expressed Daniella Dos Santos, President of the British Veterinary Association.

Hamilton’s risk for his dog

At the moment, the complaint was only public. In case it becomes formal, Hamilton could face a £ 20,000 fine (more than $ 27,000 dollars) and one penalty of up to 51 weeks in jail. They would also withdraw custody of his dog, before possible abuse.

Roscoe He has become a celebrity on social media. With more than 413,000 followers on Instagram, this bulldog accompanies Lewis in their daily chores. Like its owner, the dog only eat vegetables, legumes and fruits.

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