UPS plans to hire 60,000 employees at its ‘UPS Brown Friday’ event

UPS plans to hire 60,000 employees at its ‘UPS Brown Friday’ event

UPS announced that it seeks to hire more than 60,000 temporary employees for its largest recruiting event of the year. Thursday through Sunday, the parcel firm will hold its annual “UPS Brown Friday” events at brand locations across the country.

According to UPS, all the recruitment process is comprised of 400 local public hiring events, as well as they will do the same in the virtual platforms of the company, in order to guarantee the coverage of the more than 1,200 locations in the United States.

This hiring strategy occurs in a context in which the most important shopping season of the year is about to begin, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and the Christmas season where it is expected that there will be a lot of work due to the large number of orders that there will be.

UPS understands that it is critical to boost its workforce by hiring 100,000 “essential seasonal employees” who will “support the anticipated annual increase in package volume” to be distributed throughout the United States this peak season.

With “UPS Brown Friday”, the brand will aim to ensure that hiring becomes a reality and thereby be ready for the hectic close of the year that will bring the next peak shopping season across the country, which will conclude with the end of the holidays.

According to the company, the people hired will have the role of moving the packages, attending the warehouse, and helping the drivers. In addition, personal vehicle drivers, delivery drivers and truck drivers will be hired, most of whom will be seasonal full or part time positions.

Although the positions are temporary, UPS reported that these roles could create other opportunities. Nearly a third of its current workforce started out in a seasonal position, so this opens up the possibility for those involved in recruiting to stay to work at the package distribution brand.

On top of that, UPS is even encouraging its own employees to refer candidates, saying they will be eligible for a $ 200 bonus for each referral they submit.

The company also offers eligible seasonal student employees the opportunity to earn up to $ 1,300 for college expenses as part of its Earn and Learn program. That’s in addition to hourly pay.

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