US approved $ 500 million for military maintenance with Saudi Arabia

US approved $ 500 million for military maintenance with Saudi Arabia

The prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, wants this city not to be totally dependent on oil.

Photo: FETHI BELAID / AFP / / Getty Images

The US government approved $ 500 million to support and maintain military equipment to Saudi Arabia, under the first such agreement sent to Congress since Joe Biden came to power in January 2021.

According to the Agency for Cooperation in Security and Defense, the State Department adopted a determination to approve a “possible Foreign Military Sale to Saudi Arabia for the continuation of the Maintenance and Support Services (MSS) and related equipment for an estimated cost of $ 500 million ”.

In this sense, the agreement includes maintenance and support services for a fleet of helicopters of the Saudi Air Force, including changes and modifications in terms of engineering.estuary, repair, maintenance, component replacement, training, as well as “other related elements of logistics and scheduling.”

According to a statement posted on the website, this proposed sale seeks to support US foreign policy and national security objectives by helping to improve the security of “a friendly country.”

In this regard, it was detailed that Saudi Arabia continues to be “an important force for political and economic stability in the Middle East.”

He also stressed that this agreement will improve the country’s capabilities to “face current and future threats by following the MSS that will help in the maintenance of the Saudi air fleet.”