US casinos record the month with the most profits in their entire history: they accumulated $ 5,300 million dollars

July 2021 had been the previous record month with a profit of $4.92 billion.

Photo: Mark Makela/Getty Images

US commercial casinos made profits of more than $5.3 billion dollars in the month of Marchthe best one-month total in history, as reported by the American Gaming Association (AGA), the gaming industry’s national trade group.

The previous record month was July 2021 at $4.92 billion. As a whole, the casinos also had the best first quarter in their history, coming in just down from the $14.35 billion they earned from players in the fourth quarter last year, which was the highest three-month period in history.

Industry results show that despite rising inflation, supply chain issues and the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans continue to spend money on gambling.

The association also reported that three states set quarterly revenue records as of this year: Arkansas with $147.4 million, Florida with $182 million and New York with $996.6 million.

Americans wagered $57.7 billion on sports last year, more than double that in 2020. That generated $4.33 billion in revenue, an increase of nearly 180% over 2020.

this record does not include tribal casinoswhich report their income separately, although they are expected to report similar earnings.

The rise of online gambling

The group reported that many states saw players spend more in casinos while visiting them in lower numbers compared to before the 2019 pandemic. The average age of a casino customer last year was 43, compared to 49 in 2019.

The income of the internet betting they reached $3.71 billion last year, with three states (New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan) each earning more than $1 billion online.

West Virginia’s Internet gambling market reached $60.9 million in revenue in its first full year of operation, while the two Connecticut Internet casinos reported combined revenue of $47.6 million after launching in October.

One of the biggest internet betting booms happened this year with the 2022 Super Bowl.

The biggest markets for casinos

The report also ranked the largest US casino markets in terms of revenue for 2021:

1.- Las Vegas Strip
Revenue: $7.05 billion

2. Atlantic City
Revenue: $2.57 billion
3. Chicago
Revenue: $2.01 billion

5.- Baltimore-Washington DC
Revenue: $2 billion

6.- Gulf Coast
Revenue: $1.61 billion

7.- New York City
Revenue: $1.46 billion

8.- Philadelphia
Revenue: $1.4 billion

9. Detroit
Revenue: $1.29 billion

10.- St.Louis
Revenue: $1.03 billion

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