US citizen dies after hitting a rock while diving in Cenote Azul

American drowns at Cenote Azul after hitting rock. Paramedics respond; forensic experts oversee body transfer. Family awaits formalities.

An American citizen tragically died last Saturday afternoon at the famed Cenote Azul, located south of Playa del Carmen.

According to preliminary reports, the man died after he struck a rock during a dive and drowned upon losing consciousness.

Rescue efforts

The incident occurred just after noon near mile marker 268 on the federal highway 307, spanning from Playa del Carmen to Tulum. Rescuers from the cenote staff swiftly responded to the accident, managing to pull the man from the water after the impact. However, it was too late. The force of the collision caused him to swallow a significant amount of water, leading to his unfortunate death.

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Private paramedics arrived promptly at the scene. Despite their desperate attempts at cardiopulmonary resuscitation, they could only confirm the man’s death.

Forensic experts from the State Prosecutor’s Office were dispatched to the scene following the tragedy. They oversaw the retrieval of the body, which was subsequently transferred to the Forensic Medical Service. There, they await the necessary formalities to be completed by any family members to release the remains.