US-made drone collides with a Russian fighter jet in the Black Sea, heightening global tensions

A collision between a US-made MQ-9 Reaper drone and Russian Su-27 fighter jets heightens global tensions in the Black Sea, leading to investigations and condemnations from the US.

A catastrophic event occurred in the Black Sea, which could arouse the fury of the United States and increased world tension between the powers. Located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, this region is situated in the troubled locations of Crimea and the Anatolian peninsula…. and today, an “incident” involving a U.S.-made MQ-9 Reaper drone and part of the U.S. Air Force with two Russian Su-27 fighter jets took place, at least this was indicated by two Western military sources to AFP and confirmed by the U.S. European Command (ECPA) – responsible for U.S. military operations in Europe, parts of Asia and the Middle East, the Arctic, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Illustrative image | In the Black Sea region it is common to see Russian and NATO-allied fighter jets, this since the war conflict with Ukraine. PHOTO: AFP
Illustrative image | In the Black Sea region, it is common to see Russian and NATO-allied fighter jets since the war conflict with Ukraine. PHOTO: AFP

“Something happened,” and there is no precision about the nature of the “incident.”

According to the first military source, “something” had happened in the Black Sea. But, according to the second testimony, they could not give precisions about the nature of the “incident.” In fact, the most frightening aspect of the matter is that they could not confirm that the drone had been shot down. Still, they did clarify that they are already investigating to clarify the situation. We must remember that any sudden movement in this area generates international chaos.

This is because the Black Sea is an area that has been closely monitored by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. It is common for the region’s area to be the theater of interactions between drones and aircraft of countries that comprise the Atlantic Alliance and the Russian armed forces.

“It is possible that diplomatic channels will smooth out what happened…” this in view of the highly inflammable situation with Russia, the military source detailed.

Official communiqué from the U.S. European Command (ECPA).
Official communiqué from the U.S. European Command (ECPA).

The U.S. manufactured the “downed” drone.

So far, it was disclosed that the US company General Atomics manufactured the Reaper drone. They detailed that this is a remotely piloted aircraft of type MALE, -which stands for medium altitude and long range-. The aircraft has ultramodern sensors to conduct surveillance operations at a cruising speed of 335 kilometers per hour. It also has a wingspan of 20 meters, has an autonomy of more than 24 hours of flight, and can carry various types of weaponry, such as:

  • Bombs guided by:
    • Laser.
    • GPS.
  • Hellfire missiles.
    • Either for air or ground specially designed to destroy: battle tanks.

Another detail is that the crew on the ground comprises four people. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the United States, several European armies have Reaper drones, among them: the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Spain.

Washington condemned the “reckless” collision.

In response to the “collision,” which so far could not be confirmed by military sources – given that an investigation is ongoing -… Washington has already condemned the “alleged” aggression on the part of the Russian fighter jet with one of its reconnaissance drones over the Black Sea. This could confirm that it belongs to the Americans, but it has not been openly confirmed that it is part of their military armament. Recall that Russian aerial interceptions in the area are common, but this specific one “is noteworthy for how unsafe and unprofessional it was. It was reckless,” U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters.