US police officer arrested for sexually assaulting inmates

Orange County authorities arrested Arcadio Rodriguez, a united states policeaccused of sexually assaulting several female inmates at Theo Lacy maximum security prison.

According to the police report, the investigations indicate that since May 2022 the subject had an “inappropriate” relationship with two inmateswhom he would have sexually assaulted on multiple occasions by touching them over their clothes and showing them pornography, thus abusing his power in prison.

It was reported that the man, who was also deputy sheriff, was arrested and entered the Santa Ana prison on suspicion of sexual activity between an agent and an inmate, in addition to two other misdemeanors, these would be: assault under the protection of authority and possession of a mobile phone in a detention center.

United States police will be prosecuted

The policeman was arrested by his colleagues In the country there are several types of policemen

After the accusations against the police officer who sexually abused the women, the county sheriff, Don Barnes, indicated that the man’s actions were inappropriate and have no justification.

“The alleged criminal actions of this agent are inexcusable, especially for a person who has sworn to serve and protect our community,” he said.

Likewise, the sheriff indicated that the agent will be punished according to the law so that the community knows no one is above the law.

“I want our community to know how seriously I take these accusations, and that I will hold accountable anyone who chooses to be disloyal to their responsibilities as an agent through a swift process,” he said.

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What types of police are there in the United States?

There are several types of police in the country.

In the United States there are different police levels, Federal Police, State Police (frequently called state troopers or highway patrol), police with special purposes (parks, schools, homes, traffic, etc.), County Police (sheriffs, bailiffs, and other agencies) and Local Police. Despite their positions, none of these officers is above the law, which is why this United States police officer will be arrested after allegedly abusing several inmates.

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