US warns China not to help Russia in conflict with Ukraine

U.S has sent a warning to China. Since Ned Price, a spokesman for the State Department declared this Thursday that the Chinese companies could receive economic punishments if they decide to collaborate with Russia in defiance of potential US sanctions.

During a press conference, Price stated that Washington has “a range of tools” it can deploy if you see that “some foreign companies, including Chinese, are going to great lengths to flout US export control measures, evade them, circumvent them,” Reuters reported.

“If Russia thinks that it will be in a position … to mitigate some of those consequences, through a closer relationship with (China), that is not the case. this will make the Russian economy, in many ways, more fragile“, warned Price with reference to potential US sanctions against Moscow for a hypothetical Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The United States believes that Russia and China need them

The Americans could sanction the Russians and Chinese/Photo: CNN The conflict between Russia and Ukraine could unleash more deaths/Photo: RTVE

The US spokesman also warned Russia that will not survive without the West, stating that “if it denies itself the ability to transact with the West, to import from the West, from Europe, from the United States, it is going to significantly degrade its productive capacity and its innovative potential.”

The remarks came amid claims circulated by the West for several weeks about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine (something Moscow denies) and the parallel militarization of the European nation by several NATO member countries.

What is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine could unleash more deaths/Photo: RTVE

The conflict here has been frozen since 2014, when the Moscow-backed separatists seized parts of Donbass region. The dead add up to more than 13,000 between combatants and civilians. Now Western leaders are warning of a much worse possibility: a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Given this, the powers of China and the United States have taken sides between the conflict between both nations, which could soon start a war, as we have mentioned in AmericanPost.News.

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