Users react with memes due to the high rates of the app in Mexico

Last Saturday Uber went viral from the high app fees they imposed lately, Mexico included. Various users denounced that that app and other travel platforms raised their base rates due to the December’s holidays, which is why they did not hesitate to react with memes.

Several Internet users joined the trend of sharing various memes on Twitter about the situation that have divided opinions, as they have commented that the dynamic rates are exaggerated, they say that it is too much and also mentioned that there are only a few units available.

Due to criticism of their transportation app, Uber responded to users about the high costs. The US company told users that there are no longer so many drivers, which has increased travel requests.

Users share memes for high app fees in Mexico

Users react with memes due to the high rates

The high prices have caused annoyance among users, although some have taken what happened with humor and have resorted to their ingenuity and ability to share various memes, where they claim that the app has tripled the price of travel.

User revealed the prices of the trips of the app

A user shared on Twitter about the experience she had when requesting a trip to go to work and confessed that it was cheaper for her to go to Querétaro due to the very excessive prices, as she showed it in a screenshot of the application.

Users cause a furor on social networks with various memes

Other Internet users comment that throughout the year Uber had low prices, but around December they decided to raise the cost, because in the month of December they have increased the price, while several users have taken what happened with humor.

Uber’s high price caused a stir on Twitter

What is the Uber app?

Uber caused the anger of users for its high rates

It is an application that offers trips in an easy, comfortable and safe way, as mentioned by the website, so the user only needs an email and a phone number to register in the app and be able to request a trip from the browser.

To download the app, the user must access the App Store or Google Play, then to make a trip they must enter the box “Where are you going?” to know what the cost of the trip is. But for the holidays, the high Uber Mexico fees have divided opinions on social media.