USPS Pilot Program for “Same Day” Mail Delivery Begins This Month in Texas

USPS Pilot Program for “Same Day” Mail Delivery Begins This Month in Texas

USPS begins “same day” delivery service for small businesses in Texas.

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The US postal service USPS has already announced that as of September 27 in the town of Texas, mail can be received with the special “same day or next day” service. It is an accelerated delivery program that has already been piloted and is now being expanded to different cities.

This new program of the United States mail service has been launched in order to improve a logistics and transportation problem that has caused prices to increase in this postal item.

Connect Local is the name of the new service, and for Texas it will be implemented in the south of the state, in 35 new sites.

It was initially launched on July 19 in Dallas and Houston, now it is being extended and will continue to do so in stages.

The new program whose promotion is “Same day” and “Next day” will allow companies and organizations to deposit directly at the shipping dock of the postal facilities. This will save time by avoiding processing centers.

“It is part of a larger USPS Connect program that is being tested in stages to help businesses meet growing consumer demand for fast local and regional delivery and returns,” the USPS office said in a statement.

Also, when it comes to fees, USPS promises to offer the special rates which are currently only available to high volume senders.

How Connect Local works

Businesses and other organizations must enroll in the USPS program, then when a shipment is to be made with this program a prepaid label must be printed and delivery must be made between 5:00 am and 7:00 am so that it can be delivered the same day.

For packages destined for “next day” delivery, logistics indicates that they must be received by the USPS after 7:00 am and up to 30 minutes before the office closes.

For this Connect Local program, USPS clarifies that there is no type of restriction on weight and size of the package.

It should be noted that this service existed for individuals, however, for small and medium-sized companies it was not available.

Due to increased activity and volume, during the pandemic, shipping costs skyrocketed by almost 400%. In this regard, the executive director of the logistics firm CH Robinson, Bon Biesterfeld, emphasizes that these costs are mainly worrying for retailers and Christmas buyers.

In Texas, there are already 200 postal centers available for this expedited delivery program, and other newly incorporated US cities include: Texarkana, Atlanta, De Kalb, Hooks, Linden, Maud, Naples, New Boston, Omaha, and Queen City.


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