Utah doctor charged with 20 counts of sexual assault against his patients

The man inappropriately touched the patients justifying that it was part of the treatment and sometimes offered erotic massages.

The chiropractor denied five of the twenty cases for which he was arrested – Photo: Joshua Trejo / Pixabay

A St. George County chiropractor was accused of sexually touching his patients for which he was arrested and while being arraigned this week, he agreed to be responsible for some of the assaults.

Authorities revealed through the report of the allegations obtained by ABC4 news channel that the suspect, who answers to Brent David Noorda, 41, was first charged with 20 second-degree felony counts of forcible sexual abuse in 2019.

The court documents on display relate that Brent Noorda will now plead no contest to five of the initial charges. This new motion comes just days before jury selection for Noorda’s trial.

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Brent David Noorda’s history dates back to 2016 when the defendant worked as a licensed chiropractor in St George. The doctor allegedly began sexually assaulting his patients and inappropriately touching them under the guise of performing medical procedures.

St. George County police said they launched an investigation into the chiropractor after receiving complaints about assaults some patients had received in July 2019.

Investigators interviewed four women who said Noorda explained to them that she was “loosening chest muscles” while inappropriately touching their breasts and other private areas during office visits.

The victims confessed to police that the man offered them vaginal massages as part of a medical procedure.

The court documents that were exhibited state that, “There was no legitimate medical purpose for such actions. Rather, this was done to arouse or satisfy the defendant’s sexual desires.

Upon investigation, authorities found sufficient elements to arrest Brent David Noorda and take him into custody. “When you see a chiropractor, they don’t seem to perform that type of treatment,” police said.

Although the case involves illicit sexual behaviors during the 2016-2018 period, St. George police estimate that the alleged abuse by Noorda may go back as far as 10 years. Police are asking if there are any victims of the chiropractor to approach the proper authorities.

Brent David Noorda is scheduled to appear for a court sentencing hearing in July while locked up in the St. George Jail.