Vaccination Mandate Goes Into Effect for Middle Grade Students at NYC Charter Schools

From this January 31, the educational centers of the ‘Success Academy’ system will require middle school students to have the vaccine

Photo: Edwin Martínez / Impremedia

Monday January 31 not only marked the end of the first month of 2022, but also became the last day of the deadline given by the schools charter from New York City under the system ‘Success Academy’ (SA), for students in middle school grades to get at least the first dose of the flu vaccine covid.

The vaccination mandate that went into effect seeks to ensure that all charter school students are protected against the coronavirus, thus adding to the intermediates the requirement of prior vaccinations for teachers and high school students, which was implemented since last year. The next step will cover primary school students, who will have to be vaccinated by February 14, as assured by the Big Apple charter school system.

Getting vaccinated is the most powerful thing we can do to end this pandemic. Almost all people of any age who get sick from the Delta and Omicron variants of COVID-19 are not vaccinated, ”the charter schools assured, through their Health and Safety guide, in which they defend the importance of getting immunized. “It is important to note that unvaccinated children and adults are much more likely to become seriously ill and require hospitalization. This is a critical fact, and the reason we are urging vaccines.”

The vaccination mandate for students also warns that those students who decide not to be vaccinated, They must be tested for COVID weekly.

“SA will provide on-site testing services. Any positive results will be reported and handled in accordance with the guidance of the CDC and NYS/NYC departments of health”, explained the schools of ‘Success Academy’ (SA) in its statement.

The charter school system, which has more than 20,000 students in 47 educational centers located in all five boroughs, warned that before the entire school population is immunized, you can’t let your guard down.

“The highly contagious Omicron variant has made vaccinations more important than ever. Until our students are fully vaccinated, we are all at increased risk,” said the Success Academy system of schools. “These new requirements will dramatically reduce closures and significantly improve the health and safety of in-person learning.”

Ann Powell, Success Academy Spokesperson , warned that since the first days of the pandemic, the health and safety of school communities have been a priority in their schools.

“All of our staff were required to get vaccinated before classes started and have been given booster doses ever since. Once students meet the age requirements, we start requiring them to be vaccinated or screened weekly,” Powell told The newspaper. “SA provides weekly testing at the location, but families also have the option to schedule testing at another location and submit tests.”

In addition, Success Academy charter schools reminded that all students ages 5-11 who participate in sports clubs and activities must be vaccinated or they will not be able to join those groups.

Leonie Hamson, director of the organization ‘Class Size Matters’, which watches over the rights of school students in New York City, applauded the vaccination measures implemented in charter schools and mentioned that this should be the case in all educational institutions in the Big Apple.

“The sooner all schools in New York City require Covid vaccinations, the safer all students will be and there will be fewer interruptions in their learning”, commented the activist.

Another point that the schools of the Success Academy system recalled is that from January 18 and until Monday, February 14, as an additional security measure, those unvaccinated students who have been exposed to people with positive cases of COVID in schools, it will not be quarantined, but it will be will supply a free rapid COVID test kit to establish if he was infected or not.

“Families will need to test the student at home that day and email a photo of the results to the main office,” the charter schools warned. “If a student tests negative, they will not be expected to self-quarantine. If a student tests positive, the student will need to isolate and the result will be reported and handled in accordance with our policies and guidance from the CDC and NYS/NYC Departments of Health.”

Success Academy also indicated that since the past January 3, 2022 The requirement came into force for all school personnel (teachers, managers and workers) to receive booster shots, as soon as they are eligible, that is six months after the second dose of Moderna or Pfizer or two months after receiving a Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Facts about COVID Vaccine Mandate is NYC Charter Schools:

  • There are 47 charter schools in the ‘Success Academy’ system in NYC.
  • 20,000 students study on ‘Success Academy’ campuses
  • January 31 is the deadline for middle school students to get their first dose.
  • February 14 the mandate for primary school students will come into force.
  • November 8 last year began the mandate for high school students.
  • January 3, 2022 Success Academy began requiring all staff (teachers, workers, administrators) to receive booster shots.
  • Those who do not get vaccinated must present a negative COVID test every week.
  • Students ages 5 to 11 who participate in sports clubs and activities should also be vaccinated.